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A History Blog

Why a Blog?

One day, while I was walking down a smallish, dark-ish street in the city of Sydney, I stumbled across a seemingly random statue of Athena - just standing there, tucked away in a seemingly nothing street. This statue seemed to me to be so out of the public's view, that it got me thinking about all the little bits and pieces of what I've begun to call "hideaway history"; parts of Australian history that too easily go unnoticed. This blog is my way of bringing a few of these histories to light.

Who am I?

The short version? My name is Suzannah and I majored in history and anthropology at Sydney University. I have traveled quite a lot throughout my life, visiting a number of countries in Europe and a few states in the USA. I've lived in various places across Australia, including Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia, as well as overseas in Papua New Guinea. This variety of experiences has drawn me to the one thing every place has in common: public history.

Why History?

History plays such a pivotal role in our understandings of the world, which makes for some very interesting studies and finds of history around our own neighborhood. I have a great interest in how history is taught, represented and perceived in everyday life.

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